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Put your best face and bod forward with some 'urban-smooth' skin! We can take care of all your waxing needs, in a serene setting that's as private as your own bathroom. Dedicated to providing you with the highest level of quality customized waxing care. Full service for both men and women, waxing is the best way to achieve softer, smoother & silkier looking hair-free skin without shaving. And Seabreeze is passionate about providing high quality hair removal and grooming services in a comfortable, professional, friendly environment.
Upper leg wax $40

A simple, easy way to keep hair from growing back for weeks

Lower Leg $30

Another simple, easy way to keep hair from growing back for weeks

Full leg wax $55

For those wanting the full meal deal, lasting for weeks

Brazilian Bikini Wax $50

A very popular hair removal method. The Brazilian differs from regular bikini waxes because hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between.

French Bikini Wax $40

A great way to remove the 'hair down there,' usually leaving behind a small, vertical strip of hair, so now you are 'bare down there.'

Bikini $25

A simple bikini wax, which only takes pubic hair off the sides

Chest wax $35

An inexpensive way to remove hair for up to 6 weeks from your chest

Back $45

A great way for men to get that smooth, baby's bottom back. Can last up to 6 weeks.

Under Arm $20

Underarm waxing doesn't take long to achieve the look you want. No more shaving everyday.

Full arm wax $35

If hair-free arms is what you want, we offer the 'full' meal deal.

Half arm wax $25

For those who just want the lower half.

Brow Arch $14

Wether you just want a clean up or need some defining we have you covered

Upper Lip $10

To get rid of that unwanted hair that everyone seems to see but you

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