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Body Piercing

From Belly Rings, Earrings, and Lip Rings to Eyebrow Rings, Tongue Rings and Nipple Rings, we always carry high quality material, and ensure all work is done safely. And we can help guide you in picking the appropriate jewelry for your specific piercing.


When it comes to piercings, you have to be very careful as to what you put in your body. We carry only the highest grades of surgical steel to ensure you that you stay free from any unwanted infections. Not only do we carry surgical steel, but we also have a great variety of PTFE Plastic Body Jewelry and Organic Ear Plugs and Tunnels like Wood and Stone.


  • Due to the relaxing nature of our services, we ask that only one friend accompany you during your visit.
  • TEENS UNDER 16: we require a parent signature. This cannot be completed over the phone, by fax or by note. This must be done in person.
  • All piercing requires proof of age. Two pieces of ID are required. One with a picture e.g. Driver‚s License, passport or student card and a second e.g. Birth Certificate.
  • Once your piercing has completely healed, you can change your jewellry and add accessories.

** All Special Orders require a 50% deposit and take a minimum of two weeks delivery **

The ear lobe is most commonly pierced with a stud using a gun. However, we are pleased to offer piercing with a hoop using a needle.

We do not pierce the lobe under the age of 6 months; we also recommend young children have both ears pierced simultaneously.

Industrial piercing $90

Add to your look with an industrial piercing, sometimes also known as the bar, scaffold piercing or construction piercing.

Navel piercing $55

Add a little something to your midsection. Clean and safe.

Labret or Monroe $65

The Labret has several variations that can be done based on positioning of lower lip, including: vertical labret, snake bites, spiderbites, and a lowbret. The Monroe is a lip piercing placed off-center, above the upper lip on the left-hand side, meant to resemble Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot.

Nose pierce $40

Add beauty and individuality with a nose piercing

Ear Piercings $55

From the lower lobe to the upper ear, we offer a multitude of ear piercings, including Concha, Rook and Tragus.

Ear cartilage $40

Piercing of the ear cartilage is the translucent tissue at the top of the ear

Nipple piercing $55

For hundreds of years, nipple piercing has been part of the global culture.

Tongue piercing $75

From various spiritual and ritual significance, to aesthetic and sexual practice, tongue piercing is very popular.

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